Memorial Day is a day of solemn remembrance for those who have died while serving in the military. It is important to approach the holiday with respect and honour for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Here are some things you should not do on Memorial Day:


This is not the holiday season, and Memorial Day was not created to offer pleasure every year. It was established so that Americans might remember those who had died while serving their nation.

To “strew with flowers, or otherwise decorate the graves of comrades who perished in defence of their nation during the late revolt, and whose remains now lay in virtually every city, town, and hamlet graveyard throughout the land,” General John Logan designated the day in 1868.

In spite of the cultural shifts that have taken place, Memorial Day was originally intended to pay tribute to and reflect on the lives of those lost in the service of the United States of America.

2. Do not thank current service member

Today’s serving military members have nothing to do with the meaning of Memorial Day. On the eleventh of November, the United States honours all living military veterans and active-duty service members. But, on Memorial Day, we remember solely those who have passed away.

3. Do not forget about the purpose of the holiday

Indulge in celebratory get-togethers and even shopping discounts, but don’t forget to set aside some time to recognise the sacrifices made by our military.


Although while stores like Carmax and Ikea and even Walmart are offering steep discounts on items like vehicles, furniture, and pool supplies, that is not the point of the holiday. The genuine meaning is lost when people simply think about the free food and refrigerator sales. That’s not something we can let happen, especially considering how long our nation has been at war.

Don’t forget to toast the brave men and women of the armed forces who lost their lives so that we might enjoy a day of leisure and revelry.


The only thing worse than having the day become associated with sales and potato salad is having it be forgotten altogether. Instead of honouring the sacrifices of those who served our country, we dishonour them when Memorial Day is treated as just another day off from work.


It makes no difference whether you disagree with going to war, why the United States goes to war, or the policies of the president who was in charge of the country during that conflict. For almost two centuries, Americans’ defence forces have stood up for the nation’s citizens and their interests.

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