True Wireless Earbuds for $21.99 at Walmart, available before Memorial Day

Easter 2024 Deal: True Wireless Earbuds for $21.99 at Walmart, available before Memorial Day

Easter 2024 Deal: You’ll want to hop on this deal before Memorial Day for some really fantastic true wireless earbuds. The VEAT00L Bluetooth Earbuds are on sale right now for just $21.99 at Walmart – that’s over 70% off the regular $79.99 price tag!

These earbuds have some awesome features that make them a steal at $21.99. First off, they use Bluetooth 5.1 technology to pair seamlessly with your devices and provide a stable, low-latency wireless connection. Whether you’re listening to music, watching videos, or taking calls, the audio sync will be on point.

The sound quality is really impressive for the price too. The VEAT00L buds have 13mm composite bio-diaphragm drivers that pump out rich, balanced audio with thumping bass. The built-in mic also captures your voice clearly on calls.

But maybe the most mind-blowing spec is the 60 hour total battery life! Each earbud lasts up to 6 hours per charge, and the compact charging case provides an additional 54 hours by powering them back up multiple times. You can easily get over a week’s worth of use between charges.

True Wireless Earbuds for $21.99 at Walmart, available before Memorial Day

Speaking of the charging case, it supports wireless Qi charging which is so convenient. Just plop it down on any wireless charger when you need to juice it up. There’s also wired USB-C charging if you prefer.

To help manage battery levels, the charging case has an LED power display that visually shows the remaining battery percentage. No more guessing if you have enough juice left.

The earbuds themselves are nicely designed too. The sporty in-ear fit is secure and comfortable for extended wear. They’re also IPX5 water-resistant, so rain and sweat won’t faze them during workouts or outdoor use.

Controls are handled through touch sensors on each earbud. You can play/pause audio, skip tracks, activate your voice assistant, and take calls with just a few taps. The controls are intuitive and responsive.

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Included in the box are six different sizes of ear tips to ensure a perfect sealed fit and noise isolation. Once you find the right sized tips, the passive noise cancellation blocks out a good amount of ambient noise.

Overall, at the sale price of $21.99, the VEAT00L earbuds offer exceptional value compared to much pricier brand name models. The 60 hour battery, wireless charging, water resistance, and solid sound quality check all the boxes for an outstanding affordable earbud option. This Walmart deal won’t last long though, so grab a pair before it’s gone!

Grab at here —– True Wireless Earbuds for $21.99 at Walmart

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