Is Chipotle Open On Memorial Day?

Is Chipotle Open On Memorial Day 2024? Here is your Answer For Chipotle Hours

Yes, Chipotle will open on Memorial Day 2024.

Several eateries will be open for people who want to avoid the grill and the kitchen this Memorial Day weekend. And if you love Chipotle and find yourself desiring a burrito bowl on Memorial Day, you’ll want to know if the fast food restaurant will be open on May 30.

Is Chipotle Open On Memorial Day?

Yes, Chipotle will open on Memorial Day 2024.

Chipotle will be open on Memorial Day. It will keep its normal hours of 10:45 a.m. to 10 p.m. This year, the store will be open throughout the following holidays:

Juneteenth (June 19.)
Father’s Day.
Labor Day.
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day
Black Friday
Christmas Eve
Boxing day (December 26)
New Year’s Eve.

Some Chipotle locations are franchises, therefore their hours vary. It is usually a good idea to phone ahead and confirm your local store’s holiday hours.

Chipotle Memorial Day Hours 2024

Chipotle Memorial Day Hours 202410:45 a.m. to 10 p.m

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What Are Chipotle’s Holiday Hours For 2024?

Chipotle may operate with reduced hours at some of its locations that are advertised as open on federal holidays. The restaurant’s regular hours are 10:45 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Chipotle will close for the following holidays:
New Year’s DayEaster Sunday
Independence Day (4 July)
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Chipotle Open On Memorial Day FAQ

Is Chipotle open on Memorial Day?

Yes, Chipotle is typically open on Memorial Day. However, it’s recommended to check with your local Chipotle restaurant for specific operating hours.

What are Chipotle’s Memorial Day operating hours?

Memorial Day operating hours for Chipotle may vary by location. To obtain the most accurate information, use the Chipotle store locator on their official website or contact your local restaurant directly.

Can I place online orders for Chipotle on Memorial Day?

Yes, Chipotle offers online ordering through their website or mobile app. This convenience allows you to place orders for pickup or delivery on Memorial Day.

Are there any Memorial Day promotions or special menu items at Chipotle?

Chipotle occasionally runs promotions or introduces limited-time menu items for holidays. Check their official website, app, or social media channels for any Memorial Day-related offers.

Can I dine in at Chipotle on Memorial Day?

Chipotle provides both dine-in and takeout options. Check with your local restaurant for their specific policies, as they may have adjusted seating arrangements or safety measures.


Chipotle stands as a popular choice for convenient and flavorful meals, and it’s typically open on Memorial Day to serve customers. Whether you prefer dining in, placing an online order, or exploring any Memorial Day promotions, Chipotle offers flexibility and a diverse menu to enhance your holiday experience. Check with your local Chipotle for specific details, and enjoy the convenience of a delicious meal during the Memorial Day festivities.

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