Is Starbuck Open On Memorial Day

Is Starbuck Open On Memorial Day 2024? Here is your Answer For Starbuck Hours

Yes, Starbuck will open on Memorial Day 2024.

Memorial Day has become the unofficial start to summer, and many people will celebrate with backyard barbecues and get-togethers.

That is not to say you can ignore your coffee desires, and those who do will be pleased to know that Starbucks is open on Memorial Day.

Most Starbucks shops are open on Memorial Day (Monday, May 29, 2023), while some may operate on vacation schedules. It is usually a good idea to check in with your favorite location ahead of time.

Is Starbuck Open On Memorial Day?

Yes, Starbuck will open on Memorial Day 2024.

Starbuck Memorial Day Hours 2024

Starbuck Memorial Day Hours 20245:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m

Starbucks Open On Memorial Day FAQ

Is Starbucks open on Memorial Day?

Yes, Starbucks is typically open on Memorial Day. However, operating hours may vary by location, so it’s advisable to check with your local Starbucks for specific details.

What are Starbucks’ Memorial Day operating hours?

Memorial Day operating hours for Starbucks can vary. To find the most accurate information for your local Starbucks, check the Starbucks store locator on their official website or contact your nearest store directly.

Are there any special promotions or offerings at Starbucks on Memorial Day?

Starbucks occasionally introduces special promotions or limited-time offerings for holidays. Keep an eye on their official announcements, social media, or the Starbucks app for any Memorial Day-related promotions.

Can I use the Starbucks app for orders and payments on Memorial Day?

Yes, Starbucks’ mobile app remains operational on Memorial Day, allowing customers to place orders, make payments, and collect rewards as usual.

Are drive-thru and in-store services available at Starbucks on Memorial Day?

Starbucks drive-thru services are typically available, and many stores may also offer in-store services on Memorial Day. Check with your local Starbucks for details on their service options.


As Memorial Day approaches, Starbucks remains a popular destination for those looking to enjoy their favorite beverages. While Starbucks is generally open on Memorial Day, it’s essential to verify the operating hours of your local store, especially as they may vary.

Whether you’re craving your regular coffee fix, interested in seasonal offerings, or participating in Starbucks’ mobile ordering and rewards program, Memorial Day with Starbucks can be a delightful experience. Stay informed about any promotions, and savor the holiday with your preferred Starbucks beverage, knowing that the convenience of their services is just a cup away.

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